Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Flower Girls again! Jan 2011

These girls have been in 4 weddings in the last 6 months. I love to see them dress up for the occasion and I get to get new dresses. Kylie's wedding was zebra and red. It turned out really cute. Everyone is just getting ready for the ceremony. Mom with the twins.
Great Grandma with the girlies.
Grandma Jo with Maile and Joni. They love their grandma's!!
Joni loves little babies. Baby Kholie (Kayla and Dave's baby)

November and December 2010

Over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house we go. The truck knows the way cause we been here so much thru the white and drifted snow... oh! There is much to be grateful for this holiday season.
Thanksgiving day we were just coming off the turn of to go to Tabiona and right before we came to the stop sign a vehicle was t-boned by a semi going full speed. It struck the car on the drivers side and there were people still inside the car when we pulled up. Riley got out to help the people and when he came back to the truck he said " Honey it doesn't look good, we need to get some blankets to keep the passengers warm until the ambulance comes. I ran to the horse trailer to get some blankets and brought them over to the car. I could hear someone screaming for Stewart - that's when Riley realized it was his cousin from American Fork. I took the blankets to them to keep warm but I froze. I didn't know what to do. It was a panic situation and I just froze. Looking back I wish I too would have called 9-1-1. They could have walked me thru something to help the others. I had to leave and stay with the girls in the truck.
Riley was helping and stayed with them. I called up to mom and dad's house because we were the last ones to get there (surprise) and told them the news. They came down and called Aunt Nadine. It was a sad day and made me realize how precious life is. My heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones.
Riley and I left that night to go to the Black Friday deals. (It was more to try to process this scene that we had witnessed and look to each other for comfort. We hardly said a word the entire drive back to Provo - After we went shopping, we talked about the accident and tried to help each other through seeing what we saw. The two in the front seat, Stu and his daughter passed away at the scene. The other three were life flighted to the hospital in Salt Lake City. It was good for us to be together because people kept asking us what we saw and I didn't want to keep describing it over and over. I was glad we left for a little while.

When we got back the next day the kids were with the family getting a christmas tree.

Joni wanted to wear a headband and be a princess. It ended up over her eyes by the time we stopped to help the Lewis family. So cute.
This was on the side of the road and there were still people inside. (should I even have this picture?!)
The truck driver couldn't do much but he ran the truck up the mountain. I think he was still in shock when we came to talk to him to see if he needed help. He wasn't hurt.

Maile looked so cute in daddy's snow pants. She just had to come out in the snow to help get the Christmas tree.
The girls got horses for their birthday again. Pretty soon Riley is going to get them real horses. (we are not ready for that yet)
Maile wanted to come and play with us but we didnt have the snow clothes with us... so she was carried around like a fish.
2010 amazing ginger bread house.
Joni wants to be like mommy. I must be on the computer too much...

Making our ginger bread house was fun. Joni was so cute and very particular of where each candy should be placed. Maile just wanted to use everything and get it on the house somewhere. Riley and I made a deck on the side of the house. Good old fashion fun.

Christmas morning! Looking to see what Santa brought them. They were excited but didn't quite understand everything. I am sure it will be different next year. I cant wait!!
Grandma with all her grand-babies. We couldn't get everyone to look all at once, so this is the closest we have.
Cousins by grandma's fire place: FROM LEFT TO RIGHT : Noa, Zoei, Joni, Maie and Sefa.
The girls got some snow clothes and couldn't wait to go outside to play.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Maile and Joni love their grandma Jo! We do too! They are always so excited when I ask them if they want to go to grandma's. If they are crying or throwing a fit, I will say "Do you want to go to grandma's?" They stop crying and then say "Yeah! A - Go to grandmas"
Haddy and Maile at Judd and Wendy's SLC reception.
Our family picture. I dont know what happened to Daniel's eyes. (we are missing Jesse and Becca's family - they had to go to Provo and missed the family pictures :( re-do!)
Here are the Roberts' grandkids. We didnt even plan the colors, but they look good together!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Growing Up - Too fast!

Riley got up on the wake board! I wish we had a boat!! I loved going out on the lake.
Wendy and Maile on the boat. Good thing she was with us. We didnt know anything about boats.
The girls sleeping on the boat. (Maile is pretending to sleep)
I got to wake board under the bridge at Starvation. I never could jump the wake. :(
Maile and Joni love playing in their house. They look so grown up! It's scary how fast these kids grow up.
Joni dancing to the beat. She is a great dancer!
Here we are in our rented boat. What a fun day! The girls fell asleep on the boat ride. So cute, so fun and so much work! But worth every second of it.
All the girls on the ion. Too bad we couldn't really tip it over. (We are girls after all)
Maile and Joni both got up on the wake board. Riley was just going to pull us for a second, but then we just stood up. Maile was so scared, Joni soaked up ever second of it. I really DO WANT A BOAT, but not until I'm a millionaire.
Who's that girl? What a cutie Pie!
Ask Maile who the presedent of the USA is and she will say OBAMA. So cute! She also knows the leader of our church. (she does it for the reaction - she is such a ham!)
Joni has to sleep with all her toys. She is always taking stuff with her where ever we go. I put curlers in her hair for the first time and it looked so cute! I forgot to take a picture of it when it was all done and pretty.
Aunt Ralaina and family brought up a kitchen for the play house and a car for the girls. They LOVE it and spend a lot of time outside now. I don't know what we will do in the winter. . .
Joni's glamor shot! She really is the cutest little girl ever!

All the folau's on the swings in our back yard. They have so much fun together. I hope we can always be close. They love their cousins!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

24th in Escalante

  • Poor Kevin and Jeanne! They broke down on the way home. We all stopped to see if we could help, but they ended up towing it home.
  • Here is Mom and Joni outside the Escalante Church. I have really come to appreciate the sacrifices that those have made before us. I truly felt the spirit while attending church on the 25th. I really missed my grandpa too and when we sang the song Carry On - it touched a lot of hearts in our family. I love my family!
  • Maile and Joni making up after fighting for a second.
  • These guys are great jumpers! I cant believe how old they are getting. So independent. It's bitter sweet to watch them grow up and learn more about life.
  • Riley and the girls before church in front of the Escalante House that was build in the 1800's. Uncle Gary really put some work into the house and yard. It really looked great!
  • Maile, Emi and Maddi (the Great grand babies) - except for Em... on the tire swing. I think a few of the kids got sick from twirling so much!
  • Joni always has a cute cheese smile. Now when I say "say cheese!" she will say Cheese bug! I don't know where she got that. But this little girl just loves bugs. When the girls go outside Maile will go play on the neighbors toys and Joni will go look for bugs.
  • Maile wanted to draw even when I say NO
  • Joni did not get bucked off this bull, she was even riding with her hand in the air. I thought Maile was going to be the rider but Joni seems like she liked the thrill -
  • Maile was so nervous. She actually fell off onto the red cushion and looked at me like "MOM! I can't believe that you let me fall!?"
  • I probably should have caught her but for some dumb reason I thought she would have fun falling. (She didn't understand that it's ok to fall and that's what you are supposed to do)
  • OK so I can't even match these pictures up - so play the matching game.
  • All it all a good time was had by all!
  • Thanks to all of those that made it a fun year!
  • I'll post some more pics later of the girls at the parade. Holidays are way fun with kiddos!